Food Bowls

Perfectly proportioned and customisable, Food Bowls are already revolutionising the catering industry.

Ideal for your networking or social event, food bowl catering provides a satisfying meal without the restrictions of a formal dinner. Guests can mingle and socialise in the same way as a canapé reception whilst enjoying a more substantial meal.

Equating to around 2.5 canapes, we recommend serving 4-5 food bowls per head throughout a longer event

Just right for:

  • Informal events
  • Networking events
  • Drinks receptions
  • Small venues
  • Wedding receptions

Food Bowls allow you the ultimate flexibility to be creative with your menu. Each bowl is a self-contained culinary experience, allowing you to showcase a range of flavour combinations to intrigue and delight your guests.

Petite portions will encourage your guests to sample dishes they wouldn’t normally order in a sit-down setting, in a relaxed atmosphere.

How you structure your menu is entirely up to you. Food bowls are a fun and innovative way to showcase your creativity and deviate from convention. Why not serve up a 6-course meal or indulge your sweet tooth with multiple desserts, for a truly memorable menu?